Round 13 Match Reports

Published on: Jul 10 2018 | Author: WWTFC |

Eagles 11.10 (76) def Port Adelaide 9.5 (59)
Goal Kickers: J. Hayes 2, E. Haylock 2, J. Comitogianni 2, J. Von Bertouch, C. Hall, L. Sharrad, J. Johansen, S. Lewis
Best Players: A. Poole, J. Boyd, S.Lewis, J. Johansen, C Hall, L Thompson

Coming off the bye we were very conscious of our start. We had put measures in place to make sure we got going early but unfortunately Port had other ideas. They controlled the ball and nailed 3 straight in the first 8 minutes. From here the players started to get their hands on the footy and even though the score wasn’t ticking over we were back in the game. By the end of the first quarter we had 2-2 from our 13 entries to Ports 5-0 from 11.

The second was an arm wrestle with both sides having chances to score. Port had a lot of the footy in the first half as we knew they would, we just needed to restrict their value from their kicking skills and try to get them on the counter. Port won the quarter and took a 24 point lead to the main break.

Nothing big had to happen at the break, the players were clear on their direction and took control of where they wanted the game to go. The third gave some good reward for the hard work having 9 scoring shots to 3 and cutting the margin to 8 points.

The game seemed to be swinging our way and the players executed a mature last quarter. Not only did they construct enough scores to get in front, but kept going from there to register a strong 17 point win.

This was one of those days you are proud of the way the players absorbed the pressure, evaluated what needed to be done and executed a strong response.

We now move onto North Adelaide at Prospect this Saturday. They have had a strong season and I am sure will be wanting to bounce back this weekend. We must play with the big picture in mind and continue to work on the things we know are important for later in the year but we also need to respond from our poor performance when we played them last time.

Finally I would like to congratulate our 3 young men that played in the State Under 18’s carnival in Kai Pudney, Martin Frederick and Jack Lukosius. Congrats also to Jack who was selected as an All Australian. Even though we love seeing them get their opportunities at that level it will certainly be nice to have them back and along with the strong return last weekend of Joe Sinor and Jared Petrenko it is certainly going to make the selection process difficult in the coming weeks, which is exactly the way we want it.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach 

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