League Match Report Round 9

Eagles 6.8 (44) def South Adelaide 6.7 (43)
Best Players: J. Sinor, J. Johansen, M. Goldsworthy, S. Lewis, C. Hall, M. Wundke
Goal Kickers:
M. Wundke 3, S. Rowland, E. Haylock, J. Hayes

One of the great things I love about football is the unscripted highs and lows it can produce, sometimes over years but like Saturday simply over minutes. South came with a plan which clearly worked, but to the players credit they never stopped trying different things and in the end they showed great maturity to get the points.

With only 1 goal scored in the first quarter doesn’t give me much to report on other than the game was played with multiple restarts and not a lot of open field play.

In the second quarter we started to see the score board tick over with South having the majority of the play to go into half time with an 18 point lead.

After the long break the players looked to be slowly getting back on top. With some better movement and some strong inside work I felt the game was turning, even though this was a slow turn it gave us a sniff being only 13 points behind.

The final quarter was played predominately in our half having 11 to 4 inside 50’s. As most would know it came down to the last 60 seconds where Angus Poole kicked nicely inside 50 to connect with his team mate Ethan Haylock. Ethan did an amazing job to go back, compose himself, and kick truly to give the Eagles a 1 point lead. After this the players did a great job of running the last 60 seconds out to secure an unlikely win.

As mentioned the game didn’t hit many heights but I am very proud of the resilience of this group to get it done when it counted. We now move into the mid-season bye with a good start to the season in the bank. We obviously have had some major injury issues lately and over the last few weeks we haven’t played the football we want, but there are positives. We sit in a strong ladder position and we have exposed many players to senior football, and with some more adjustments and more practice we can expect to improve a lot to make sure we can be the best we can to tackle the second half on the season.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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