League Match Report Round 13

Eagles 11.4 (70) def Sturt 8.9 (57)
Best Players: J. Hayes, J. Johansen, J. Sinor, J. West, S. Rowland, J. Firns
Goal Kickers:
J. Hayes 4, N. Hayes 2, S. Lewis, J. Comitogianni, A. Poole, L. Mcgregor, J. Allmond

This week’s game versus Sturt was one I am sure both sides have been looking forward to. The evenness of our teams always creates a good battle and even with the weather the way it was, the game still delivered.

The first quarter saw Sturt kick with the breeze and have the majority of the play. We were lucky Sturt didn’t make the most of their chances kicking inaccurately going to quarter time with a 23 point lead. The statistics were showing the game was closer than that so at the break we felt confident we could reverse that score in the second.

Kicking with the aid of the breeze the players were able to get back in the game kicking 5.1 for the term to make the half time margin only 6 points.

The way the game was being played we felt if we could be within 2 goals and the final break we could bring it home. The players did better than that winning the quarter by 2 points to narrow the margin to 4.

The final quarter saw the game predominately played in our half, having +26 possessions, +12 inside 50’s and scoring 19 to 2 points finally giving us a strong 13 point victory.

After a slow start to the game it was a strong response by the playing group. Firstly getting our hands back on the footy so we could start to control the tempo of the game, then secondly hit the scoreboard. Interestingly from the 10 min mark of the 3rd to the final siren we scored 6-3 to 1-2 from 20 to 6 inside 50’s. This gives the players a huge amount of belief in what we can do from any position.

This was a game in which we can be proud of but make no mistake the battles between our clubs won’t finish there. They are a very good side and I am sure we will meet again at some stage this season.

As has been well documented we have some senior players still unable to get on the field which is disappointing, but what comes from this is opportunity. The ability of our less experienced players to step up has been great to watch and I am sure they will continue to learn from their experience on playing on great players, this can only be a positive for the future of our club. I get asked a lot about returning players and all I can say is they will be back by the end of the year but probably not in the near future, so let’s just sit back and enjoy watching the team play with passion and excitement.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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