League Preliminary Final vs Sturt

Eagles 8.5 (53) def by Sturt 11.7 (73)
Best Players: J. Sinor, J. Boyd, J. Lukosius, J. Johansen, S. Rowland, P. Stewart
Goal Kickers:
J. Lukosius 4, A. Poole, J. Hayes, N. Hayes, L. McGregor

First I would like to thank all the Eagles people that came along to support the lads all year but in particular on Sunday. I asked in my last report to stay strong with the players and you certainly did that, the football department and Club can’t thank you enough.

Sunday’s game was both disappointing and encouraging. After the Port game all I asked for was a strong competitive effort and the players gave that. Unfortunately we just couldn’t compete in big moments with their more experienced players. We made some bad errors that cost us and they made some plays that we couldn’t do much about.

This season was never a rebuild because within the walls of the Eagles we don’t believe in that. What is was though was a changing of the guard in some ways. The amount of opportunities earned by players that have done the hard work was many and the experience gained through a finals series like this will be in valuable in the years to come. I understand the disappointment having so many minor round wins, then not being able to convert in the finals. The positive was for the first 3 quarters of the year our football was better than anyone and there is no reason for that to not continue and I am sure with another pre-season into our group, along with the experience gained we as Eagles people can look forward to another strong year ahead.

This is the time of year to thank all the people within the Eagles family that do so much. This goes from the players, players’ families, board, backroom staff, office staff, members, volunteers, coaches and our valued partners. Everyone within this organisation strives for success and this year was successful without the ultimate, but for the efforts and passion I can’t thank you enough as you make this club such an amazing place to coach.

From here the football department (starting Sunday night) plan for next season.  We must continue to make sure the players are surrounded by passionate and like-minded people and we have a happy and healthy playing group. My job will be to retain important personnel and make sure we can add to our program with players/staff that can help us push forward to finally get the reward every club seeks.

Have an amazing off season with the knowledge the club is going strong and when you all come back we will be ready to continue to provide a strong and consistent brand of football we expect at the Eagles.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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