League Second Semi Final vs Port Adelaide

Eagles 5.10(40) def by Port Adelaide 10.13 (73)
Best Players: P. Stewart, L. Thompson, J. Boyd, C. Hall, N. Hayes, S. Lewis
Goal Kickers:
M. Wundke 3, C. Hall, E. Haylock

Well the 2017 finals series hasn’t started the way we had planned but the positive is this year we have a chance to right the wrongs a week later not a year.

Starts are always critical and ours was terrible. Our set ups and ball use was well below standard and Port took their chances and made us pay. Whenever you are so far down early it’s very hard to claw your way back. What we have been very good at all year is making comebacks but on this occasion Port were just too good and held us at arm’s length. The players and I know we have let a lot of people down but no more than ourselves. We will own that responsibility and be back fighting hard this Sunday.

After the first quarter debacle the players kept working hard and I do acknowledge Port may have lifted the foot a bit but I am happy the group kept going and in the end the margin stayed similar throughout the day. The experience for the players that have never been there before will be invaluable and I know this will serve us well this weekend and beyond.

As we all know scoring has been too low. Our ability to convert when we are getting the ball in our forward 50 is not good enough so there is no doubt we will be continuing to work hard on this area of our game. Along with that was our execution, this is an area we work on constantly, so with another week on Adelaide Oval I am sure that will be back to the level required very quickly.

What I can say is we are all happy to have some continuity in our training and playing this weekend. With this and the ability to learn from our last game we are all very excited and confident we can get it right and earn the right to fight for the 2017 SANFL Premiership.

I acknowledge the true Eagles member has felt pain recently, but this is not the time to jump off. Your players bust their guts weekly and I know the pain they feel. So please as we know Sturt have a huge following and we need you more than ever. The players always do their best and I know they will be back fighting hard this Sunday against a very good side in Sturt.

See you all on Sunday.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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