Round 14 Match Report – League

Eagles 11.14 (80) def North Adelaide 7.8 (50)
Best Players: L. Thompson, J. Johansen, N. Hayes, C. Hall, J. Boyd, P. Giuffreda
Goal Kickers:
N. Hayes 4, J. Johansen 3, J. Boyd, J. West, J. Gaffney, D. Minney

Playing at Prospect anytime is tough, so to come away with a solid 30 point win was pleasing. At times we did over used the ball and were missing simple targets but the positive is as the game wore on we got better, which is consistent with recent efforts and is giving the group a strong belief.

The wind was a factor at times but I am not sure if it favoured either team as it went across the ground for the majority of the game, it was just tricky to read. The first quarter saw the players get off to a reasonable start. In-accuracy in front of goals let us down and our efficiency by hand was poor. At the break we had a 2 point lead.

The second was an arm wrestle with North having the best of the inside 50 count, but the players were efficient with our entries to win the term by 6 points to give us an 8 point lead at the main break.

I felt the third we played impatient football which resulted in some simple turn overs. Even though we won the quarter the game wasn’t flowing and it had become a slog.

The final quarter the players really got going. This has been a consistent theme all year and one we are happy that we are finishing games so strongly. All of our main indicators were right on and other than kicking straight to have 9 scoring shots to 1 was pleasing, finally running out winners by 30 points.

Unfortunately through this difficult time with so many injuries the Reserves are having a tough time on the scoreboard. Clearly we would love to see the results change, but at the moment we have a number of players getting invaluable experience. Even though it’s tough on the players I couldn’t be happier with the positive attitude and the single mindedness to keep working on what counts for the individual and the Eagles football club to continue to get better, and not be dictated by scores. Development is our first priority in all grades below League. This is consistent with what we have done for many years now and I am sure with all this hard work the rewards will come in the future.

This week against Norwood poses another huge challenge, they made us look second rate out at Norwood earlier in the year. Like all challenges we have come up against this year we will embrace it and put our best foot forward.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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