Round 14 Match Report – Reserves

Eagles 6.4 (40) def by North Adelaide 16.15 (111)
Best Players: J. Rowe, W. McPherson, I. Moller, C. Gaffney, H. Jolly, J. Weidemann
Goal Kickers:
I. Moller 3, C. Giles 2, N. Moore

This week was always going to be a challenge given that the reserves are slightly under manned with senior players out & while the result on the scoreboard may have been disappointing, you couldn’t fault the endeavour & willingness to stick to the game plan all day.

Kicking with a 4-5 goal breeze North got out to a (35) point lead at quarter time 6.5 to 1.0. Through some good work around the ball & in defence the boys went with North in the second & at half time went into the main break 2.2 to 7.10.

The third quarter saw North get on top around Stoppages & Clearances & while the defence was standing tall by sheer weight of forward 50 entries North were able to put score on the board, to the boys credit there was no collapse & were able to kick (2) goals for the quarter trailing 4.3 to 13.10 at three quarter time.

As mentioned in the opening the boys stuck to the game plan all day & in the final quarter started to win some clearances, carrying & linking up with good ball movement for periods of the quarter & while North may have had more shots on goal the quarter was pretty much controlled by the Eagles.

Every season is a long season & when the loses outweigh the wins it can feel longer than usual however with so many positives coming from elevation of players from U18 to Reserves & Reserves to League this season, coupled with periods were we have controlled games this season we cannot lose sight of how the reserves team is travelling.

There is plenty to look forward to in the final games for the Reserves season as it plays its part in supporting the League side in its quest for success.

Brian Haraida
Senior Assistant Coach

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