Round 16 – League vs South Adelaide

Eagles 9.4 (58) def by South Adelaide 21.15 (141)
Best Players: J. Sinor, L. Thompson, P. Stewart, C. Hall, J. Johansen, J. Petrenko
Goal Kickers:
J. Petrenko 2, J. Johansen 2, M. Wundke 2, J. Hayes, A. Poole, J. Boyd

Unfortunately this will be the shortest match report I have ever done because to be honest there isn’t much to say.

As coaches and players we are always in control of our own performance and when the performance is as embarrassing and insipid as the one on Saturday all I can say is that is not who we are and is not what we stand for. The players have done an amazing job all year but this weekend was one out of the box. Amongst all the carnage we were able to achieve some small wins that will help us going forward so the game wasn’t a complete waste of time but in the end the result was unacceptable.

All I can promise is that performance is so far out of character the expectation is we will bounce back quickly. This doesn’t mean things will always click immediately but what it does mean is we will work to rectify the main areas and make sure we get back to playing the brand of football our club expects and can be proud of.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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