Round 16 – Reserves vs South Adelaide

Eagles 13.7 (85) drew South Adelaide 13.7 (85)
Best Players: J. Comitogianni, A. McPherson, D. Minney, J. Lukosius, J. Elsworthy, C. Gaffney
Goal Kickers:
J. Lukosius 4, I. Moller 3, C. Gaffney 2, M. Borholm 2, T. Schmusch, D. Cardone

It`s always difficult to sum up a drawn game, are you happy that you didn’t lose? Or are you disappointed in letting a game get away? Drawn games are neither satisfying nor rewarding they just leave you ponder what if?

The challenge this week was always going to back up last rounds four quarter effort following the bye and as the players found out on the weekend a game can turn in 10 minutes of play, even with the drawn result the commitment & brand of footy played for majority of the game left the coaching panel excited about the future.

Kicking into a (4-5) goal breeze the boys started the game full of run & commitment & while we were down in hit outs (5 to 10) it was reversed in clearances (10 to 5) which allowed the midfield to use the ball giving our forwards opportunity to contest one on one resulting all (3) key forwards kicking goals for the quarter & at quarter time the score was 3.1 to 4.1

The second quarter saw the boys really start to get on top & start to win positions all over the ground, some of the ball movement & pressure acts were again the best for the year & we took advantage of (14) inside 50 entries for the quarter hitting the scoreboard (11) times & at half time went into the break (34) points ahead 10.5 to 5.1

As noted in the opening comments a game of football can change in 10min of play & in the first 10 minutes of the third this is exactly what took place, we started to play unaccountable football giving our opponents time & space & from this South grew in confidence, to the credit of the boys they managed to get the game back on our terms after this but with (20) inside 50 entries to (1) for the quarter at three quarter time we were trailing by (5) points 10.5 to 11.4

With the game there to be won in the final the boys set about winning the last quarter, however as with any game away when you give the home side a chance getting over them can be tough going & we found this in the last & as the quarter went on the pressure grew & some basic mistakes started to unfold. Even so the commitment to winning was never questionable & with a final play in our forward half stopped deep the siren sounded & the game ended in a draw.

From the weekends result finals are all but gone for the Reserves this year & with the next round against Adelaide the Reserves have another bye adding to the challenge of preparing for the final game against Central Districts at home, as we have seen all year football can be unpredictable & you never know what`s around the corner, therefore preparation & being ready to play is critical this time of the year.

Brian Haraida
Senior Assistant Coach

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