Round 18 – League vs Central

Eagles 6.13 (49) def by Central 10.9 (69)
Best Players: L. Thompson, P. Giuffreda, J. Sinor, J. Boyd, S. Rowland, C. Hall
Goal Kickers:
N. Hayes 3, J. Petrenko, L. McGregor, J. Hayes

Any game you lose is disappointing and Saturday was exactly that. Our ability to spread and get on the loose ball was poor and when we did have the ball our skill level was below standard. These are the obvious negatives but the positive is we wanted a really tight fought contest and one where there wasn’t a lot of room to move and Centrals gave us exactly that. This type of game is perfect for our preparation, I know the outcome wasn’t what we wanted on the scoreboard but the game itself was what we all needed so I would say with 2 weeks to train now, we will be cherry ripe for our first final.

This game was mainly played man on man and we invited that, as that creates a fierce contest in close. As I mentioned our use on the outside was poor and Centrals mids did win the day, but we have lots we can take from that hit out.

Statistically we won plenty of the football and our inside 50’s were ok along with our scoring shots compared to the opposition. Centrals took their opportunities more than us and kicked more efficiently to be the better side on the day and come away with a 20 point win.

That ends what has been a very strong 2017 minor round by the group. To have given ourselves a double chance is what we set out for back in November and that is what we now have, and we have to be proud of that. The top 5 is as close a 5 as I have seen in years so this proves to be an awesome finals series and one we are excited to be a part of.

Preparation is in full swing and the players are committing more time than ever to chase perfection. So over the next 2 weeks the players will be training extremely hard in readiness for what will be an exciting final.

To all the Eagles family that have turned up week in week out all year we thank you very much. You are a critical part of our minor round success and I ask that over the next month you are right there alongside us. Playing against these big clubs I know their numbers will be many but what we have is passion, and with that together I am sure we can achieve success.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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