Round 3 – League v Port Adelaide

Eagles 2.16 (28) drew Port Adelaide 4.4 (28)
Goal Kickers: J. Johansen, N. Hayes
Best Players: A. Poole, L. Thompson, J. Boyd, J. Von Bertouch, P. Stewart, J. Johansen

Saturday’s game against Port was one of the strangest games I have been involved in. I said to the players at quarter time the way Port were pushing numbers behind the ball 4 goals could win today. It was tongue in cheek at the time but it turned out to be nearly correct. A game where you have +12 inside 50’s, +10 scoring shots, +23 minutes in your forward half you should really win.

Even though the game was low scoring it was still an interesting game. We clearly all left disappointed but I was proud of the player’s ability to stick at it. As I mentioned it was a congested forward line so it was good for the players to work through this and find a way to get scores, which they did, they were just the wrong ones.

The 1st quarter was an even contest with both sides having the same amount of entries but not being able to score. Unfortunately Port were able to break through and kick 2 late goals to give them a 12 point lead.

We started to get on top in the second term having +4 entries and +3 scoring shots, unfortunately we kicked 0-4.

The 3rd was very similar having +6 entries and +4 scoring shots but once again all points. The 2nd and 3rd was a good defensive effort only allowing Port to score 2 points while we scored 9.

The final quarter was like watching a soccer game where one goal either way could win the game. We had the first 5 entries but once again only managed 2 points before Port broke through to kick a couple of goals and get out to a 14 point lead. To the players credit they rallied at this point and worked hard to have the next 5 entries to kick 2 goals 3 and finally put us in front by a point. Port then had the better of the last 5 minutes which included a missed set shot to win the game. In this time the defence stood up really well to hold onto a draw, and honestly after last week’s game it’s a credit to the players and the recovery work they did to come up and produce another strong performance and hang in there. Draws are never fun as you feel like you have achieved nothing, but we can look deeper than that and be comfortable with the weeks work.

Unfortunately at the moment we have the biggest injury list we have had in years and this poses a big challenge for the club. Injuries rarely effect League sides but certainly makes it hard on everyone else. One thing we have been very good at in recent times is consistency of effort throughout the club and that’s exactly what we will be working on for this weekend’s games.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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