Round 4 – Reserves v Glenelg

Eagles 13.8 (86) def by Glenelg 13.10 (88)
Goal Kickers: C. McLeod 4, J. Cook 2, J. West 2, N. Moore 2, J. Weidemann, L. Sheppard, S. Lewis
Best Players: J. Comitogianni, C. Gaffney, S. Lewis, R. Woods, H. Hawkins, J. Lee

Glenelg posed as a really big test for the team as they had 2 of their 3 games but I knew from the training during the week and the focused nature of our group in the rooms this was one game we were ready for. We started off really strongly in the first quarter having 8 scoring shots to 3 as well as 24 tackles to put the opposition under pressure by foot. Unfortunately we were not able to capitalise on the 8 scoring shots to only score 2.6 to 0.3.

The second quarter saw a real drop in our concentration levels and we went away from our game plan and sticking to the basics and this opened us up allowing Glenelg to come back into the game.

Half time came at the right time and meant we could chat as a group and really compose ourselves. The message was clear we needed to not overuse the handball, the small forwards needed to find a way to get to the crumb spot and not let the ball transition to quick out of forward line and with football in hand we had to be composed and finish off our skill inside 50.

The first 20 minutes of the quarter saw the boys do everything we spoke to at half time and we were able to open up a 24 point lead at the 20 minute mark of the 3rd quarter. Much like the 1st quarter we had a lapse of concentration for the final 6 minutes which saw us move away from some really composed football and allow Glenelg to close down the gap to 11 points.

Unfortunately in the last we were not up for the fight in the first 20 minutes allowing Glenelg to score too many easy transition goals whilst we overused the football. At the 20 minute mark we decided we could win a game of football and in the next 5 minutes it saw us play the most direct football I have seen from this group and we were able to pull the margin back to 2 points but unfortunately this was not enough.

I am seeing improvement from this group of young men and the challenge for us as a coaching group is to find the consistency within the game and work on limiting our lapses. If we can do this and play to the structures put in front of us we will continue to grow.

Vinnie Rugolo
Reserves Coach

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