Round 7 – League vs Norwood

Eagles 8.12 (60) def by Norwood 17.15 (117)
Goal Kickers: J. Redden 2, J. Hayes, J. Lukosius, L. Sharrad, M. Goldsworthy, J. Von Bertouch, N. Hayes
Best Players: N. Hayes, C. Hall, J. Von Bertouch, J. Hayes

After the State game bye we were all excited to continue the solid start to the year, but unfortunately things didn’t turn out the way we had planned.

This truly was a game of two halves. Even though our efficiency was way down and our contested work was average, it was still good enough to play the game mainly in our half and until time on in the second accuracy and efficiency was again our only enemy.

Sometimes you can sense a group’s emotions, and after quarter time I was concerned something was missing. This became more evident as the game wore on. Norwood took their chances while we stayed indecisive and unable to compete in contested ball. Finally losing by 57 points.

We are extremely disappointed with our inconsistency at the moment, not only game by game but inside games too. Our best is as good as it’s been for years but our worst is frustrating. This gap needs to get closer if we want to be a contender.

This week poses a huge challenge. We have lost our last 2 matches down there and their record is very strong at home. So with another bye the week after it is critical we continue to address many things and prepare for another tough match.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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