Round 7 League Match Report

Eagles 5.6 (36) def by Norwood 9.13 (67)
Best Players: S. Lewis, J. Allmond, J. Sinor, L. Thompson, P. Stewart, N. Hayes
Goal Kickers: J. Hayes, M. Goldsworthy, N. Hayes, M. Wundke, A. Rowntree

After a few really strong weeks Friday night was disappointing. The game highlighted some deficiencies in our style and for that I am grateful because this is the time of year you need to know that information, so in some ways Friday did us a few favours. This is by no means saying I wanted Friday to happen it’s just the fact that it did and it now creates an opportunity to learn and make our side even stronger into the future.

Even though we won the first term the writing was on the wall. Our contested ball was way down and we were getting beaten convincingly at restarts. Our desire to run and link was off which made us play slow and reactive.

The second quarter didn’t see any improvement, we threw things around to try to get a spark, but it did little to change the momentum of the game.

After the long break it looked like we had turned the corner, playing some better football and getting back within 9 points but unfortunately that’s where it ended. Our inability to win the ball was poor, and when we did have the ball our ability to adjust the speed of the game just wasn’t there.

The last quarter was a flat one with not much happening, and with little bench we went into damage control finally losing the game by 31 points.

As I said earlier we learnt a lot about ourselves on Friday night and all of these things are in our control. It’s not that we didn’t know what to do its just we struggled to execute. This is in no way causing stress, it’s all part of the process of a long and demanding year. With some unfortunate injuries to key personnel the next few weeks will be an exciting challenge to make sure whoever plays in any position, at any given time, is not about the name it’s about the position and team standards that we didn’t uphold on Friday night.

Michael Godden
Senior Coach

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