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Foote wins 2019 League Club Champion Award

It was the night of nights at Oval Avenue on Friday 4th October when Jordan Foote rounded out his 2019 season and was crowned the League Club Champion.  Jordan had a consistent season in his first year at the Eagles, which saw him win by 17 votes from Runner Up Jack Hayes.

The Club also paid tribute to retiring club legend Scott Lewis as he was added to the Stairway of Champions along with Luke Thompson and Patrick Giufredda.

Perce Johns Medal – Jordan Foote 199 votes
2nd Place – Jack Hayes 182 votes
3rd Place – Jared Petrenko 136 votes
4th Place – James Rowe 111 votes
5th Place – Jesse Lonergan 108 votes

Jamie Tape Medal – Players Most Valuable Player Award
Jarrad Redden

Best 1st Year Player
Nick Moore

Most Improved Player
James Rowe

Best Team Man
Jared Petrenko

Life Governors Award
Matthew Goldsworthy

1st Place – Ben Nason
2nd Place – Jake Comitogianni
3rd Place – Cooper Gaffney