Match Report

Goodlife Health Clubs Round 12 League Match Report

On Saturday we played our last home game for the season, against a side which has been a formed team over the last month. With a strong breeze to the north; we were kicking against it early so it was important that our pressure around the football was good.

Our ability to win the contest and our good ball use against a strong breeze saw us go in four goals, three points; and Glenelg finishing with one goal, one point in the first quarter. At quarter time we spoke about the breeze and a way to play with it but it was ultimately the ability to win the contest which set up the game.

In the second quarter, our mids once again gave us first look and we played the game in our half of the ground. Defensively around the ball we were well set up, which gave us a good lead at half time. The 3rd quarter saw Glenelg kicking with a strong breeze but our ability to still win the ball at the source gave us a strong lead at 3 quarter time.

I was proud of the way we played a good 4 quarter game and in the final quarter we ran the game out well. It was a game that saw us win a lot of key stats and able to play our way in the forward half of the ground. Good individual efforts by Jordan Foote; who finished with 32 Disposals, 3 goals,  12 tackles; Joey Sinor, 29 disposals and 12 tackles and Jacob Wehr 29 disposals and 13 handballs received off half back. We also had 10 individual goal scorers for the game which was our best for the season.

Also a great effort to the Reserves; who also came out with a win against the Bays!

We’re looking forward to focusing our attention on what will be a tough game this Friday night against West Adelaide.

The boys look forward to seeing the Eagles supporters there!

Jade Sheedy
Senior Coach