Match Report

Telstra Store West Lakes League Match Report Round 13

Eagles 14.8 (92) def South Adelaide 13.11(89)
Goal Scorers: Rowe 3, Hayes J 3, Moore 2, Petrenko, Hayes N, Hall, Foote, Goldsworthy, Guilhaus
Best Players: Petrenko, Foote, Lonergan, Firns, Rowe, Boyd

Making the long trip south Noarlunga is never an easy day and we certainly had our work cut out for us. Conditions were cold and windy which made it difficult for both sides to move the ball in offense. This being said we were still able to kick a winning score of 92 winning by 3 points.

Its was obvious from the start that both sides wanted to play a physical brand of football in the average conditions. The first quarter had high tackles counts from both teams and plenty of repeat stoppages which Jarred Redden took control of, winning hitouts for the game 48 to 32. Jesse Lonergan took advantage of Redden’s dominace leading the clearance at quarter time with 4. Jordan Foote continued his season form with 2 clearances and a goal whilst Sharrad led our tackle count with 6. Basics skill errors allowed South Adelaide to take a 3 point lead into the first break.

Our second quarter focus was to being clean and winning the contested possession which we had lost in the 1st quarter. With this as a focus it would allow us to dictate which half of the ground we play in. It was a positive response by the group as they won this stat and was able to win the quarter by one point. This also meant that we spent more time in offense and the opposition had to defend for longer which we knew would help us later in the game. Foote, Hall and Boyd all had strong quarters.

The 3rd quarter went the way of South Adelaide as they got out to nearly a 20 point lead. Some individual efforts by Jack Hayes and James Rowe landed 2 late goals to bring the margin with in striking distance heading in to the last quarter. Late in the quarter we started to get back on top owning the inside and outside of the contest which was a very positive response by the group to fight the quarter out.

The last quarter was full of excitement for all watching the game and the effort displayed by our men representing our indigenous jumper was incredible. Their was multiple moments during this quarter by individuals displaying incredible character and resilience to win the game. Jared Petrenko stopped one of South Adelaide’s attack with 2 back to back diving smothers in the same play, Jack Firns went back with the flight across half back and took 2 critical late marks to go with his 16 tackles, Nick Hayes gave a fantasic contest in the goal square against two opposition players, kicking a soccor goal whilst laying on his back, James Boyd had a quarter high 13 disposals, Sharrad finished with 16 tackles and Lonergan had 10 clearances.

Round 13 was a rewarding win for the group with Petrenko and Foote leading the way for a solid team effort.

We take on Central at home this Sunday which is an important game for us. We would love to see all of our supporters at the match getting behind both teams.

Sam Lonergan
Senior Coach