Match Report

Telstra Store West Lakes Reserves Round 11 Match Report

Eagles 13.7 (85) def by Norwood 13.12 (90)
Goal Scorers: Morgan 7, Armfield 4, Nason, Miller
Best Players: Morgan, Haylock, Nason, McLeod, Heinjus

This was a big week for our football club playing against Norwood at Norwood. After having a couple of losses in a row we wanted to ensure we set a standard for the day and as a group we owned these standards.

The first half was a real disappointment for this group as we had some set goals, that as a group we believed if achieved this the result will take care of itself. We didn’t come out with the intent to achieve this and it allowed Norwood to have 16 scoring shots to 5 and take in a 26 point lead into half time.

At half time we talked about the importance of when it’s your turn to go we ensure we hit the football with some real ferocity. Our skill execution was another are we needed to improve our performance as Norwood were punishing our poor choice and execution by hand and foot.

The third quarter started off slowly with Norwood jumping us kicking 3 goals in 9 minutes. From this moment on we decided to execute each of our goals that we had set before the game and slowly peg back the difference to give ourselves a shot going into the final change 34 points down.

The last quarter saw us continue the execution and put the Norwood defence under some serious pressure to narrowly go down by 4 points. As a group we should not be happy about this result but understand when we stick to the plan the result will go our way more often than not. We need to get back to football basics and work on skill execution and trusting our defensive structures as when done well they hold us in good stead.

Vinnie Rugolo
Head Coach