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Thomo’s tracking toward 200

Woodville-West Torrens premiership captain Luke Thompson admits his approach to footy has changed in the last two years of his journey to 200 SANFL games.

Previously fastidious with his routine, the Eagles’ longest-serving skipper has quickly learned to adjust since the birth of his two-year-old daughter Lacie.

As a result, speaking on SANFL Radio, the 30-year-old said he was thrilled to share his special moment against Norwood at The Parade in an afternoon match with Lacie and wife Caitlin.

The former Crow has a new perspective on life as he relishes every opportunity to line up with his beloved Eagles.

A four-time The Advertiser SANFL Team of the Year member and three-time West End State player also cherishes the chance he had to don the treasured red guernsey, having declared his love for his new State.

Originally from Victoria, Thompson has loved it at Oval Avenue ever since being aligned to the Eagles upon his drafting by Adelaide at the end of 2009.